Music Roundup – 1.30.09


First he palys President Obama’s in auguration, next is the Super Bowl, but the reason that Bruce Springsteen is making headlines this week is because he’s selling his new Greatest Hits album exclusively at Wal-Mart. The Boss is taking some heat over it.

Bruce Springsteen himself, Mr. Smalltown America didn’t see that being in bed with Wal-Mart would be a bad idea? Wal-Mart is to the music industry what ‘American Idol’ is to…well…the music industry.

Why sell exclusively at Wal-Mart? Money? Don’t you think the Boss is doing alright? It can’t be that he wants his music to reach the largest possible audience, because if that were the case he’d release it online.

Bruce should’ve tried to emulate Radiohead on this one. The man of the people should’ve let the people name their price.

It was also announced today that Paul McCartney is headlining the Coachella Music festival in California this April.

I’m sorry, did I read this correctly? Paul McCartney? It would’ve been cool 40 years ago.

One more thing. Since when did The Grammys become a place to promote records that aren’t even out yet? U2 to play the Grammys.


Hello, I’m a PC


Get On Your Boots


I expect a lot from U2. They’ve always set the bar pretty high for themselves. You won’t find a bigger fan of the band than me. I, like many U2 fans count down the days until a new album. I purchased their new single today off of itunes.

Another great song, a great single. The Foo Fighters wish they could release a single this good. And listen to it closely because I’m sure that this is exactly what Coldplay will sound like in two years. Things just always seem to work out that way.

The only disappointing thing about the song is that it’s a little bit predictable. This band is starting to become very, very predictable. They’re a corporation, I get it. It’s a business, I understand. But for the last few albums, I guess going back to Achtung Baby, they have a formula that they follow and you can see what’s coming.

They’re telegraphing their punches.

First comes the fast-paced single with relatively meaningless lyrics that is hip enough to grab some younger fans but also familiar enough not to disappoint the faithful. The Fly, Discotheque,  Beautiful Day, Vertigo and now Get On Your Boots.

Next will come the preliminary press where Bono says that this is the album that U2 has always wanted to make. But he’ll also explain that there were many battles fought over this one and that Larry was often pissed off.

And then at last they will embark on a world tour in which they’ll play the exact same setlist every single night for three years and wear the same costumes.

I love U2 and I’m sure I’ll love the new record. I’m just looking for them to mix it up a little bit.

Bono On Frank


It was sure a treat when Bono recorded ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’ with Frank Sinatra on his ‘Duets’ album in 1993. It was the highlight of the record. There was even a music video that went along with it.  Bono then presented an aging Sinatra with the Grammy’s Lifetime achievement award in 1994. (It really took until 1994 for them to give this award to Ol’ Blue Eyes?) Bono gave an awesome speech for Frank. The sad part was when the director had the music play Frank of of the stage. Even though Frank wasn’t exactly at the top of his game, but I’d say that the Chairman of the Board deserves a little more respect than that.

Sinatra has been gone since 1998 and Bono now writes another beautiful piece for him. It’s the U2 frontman’s first OP-ED for The New York Times. If his future writings are are anything like this, I’d love to see more. 

Do yourself a favor and read it here. It’s a must.

Seacrest vs. Jolie/Pitt

I’m sure that this’ll be the most trivial thing I’ll ever write about but I can’t resist.

The way that these two treated Ryan Seacrest here is so disrespectful. It’d be disrespectful to treat him that way if he was asking for spare change. These two take five minutes out of their ‘Save The World’ campaign to show up on a red carpet and they don’t want to be interviewed? Now, they had to have known that there was going to be cameras, right? I mean, they’re used to seeing cameras everywhere they go. And they’ve been to these award shows before, so they had to have known that there’d be dweebs on the red carpet asking dumb questions, right?

So why treat Seacrest this way? He’s harmless.

Brad has been in New Orleans helping design and build homes for those who were hit hardest by Hurricane Katrina. He can open his heart for strangers like that but he treats Seacrest like a piece of garbage.

One more thing, check out the bodyguard that comes in at the :25 mark. He’s actually protecting these two while they’re on the red carpet. Who needs security once they’re inside the secure area?

These two are lame….They need to learn how to treat people.

Check it out below.


Cry A While – Shadowbox

I could watch this performance all day long.

It really catches Bob Dylan and his band on top of their game. I believe this was the network television debut of his new moustache.  It’s right before Charlie Sexton left the band and Bob’s sound went a little edgier live.

The ‘shadowbox’ effect is another thing that is very special about this one. I have a theory that Bob controls all of the camera angles when he’s shot on television. He’s never captured like everyone else during award shows or tributes or whatever. It’s always an interesting angle or a different take on televising a performance. This shadowbox effect was not done with the folks at the Staples Center in mind that night. It was created for television. See also his cover of “A Change Is Gonna Come” where it’s basically one camera for the first half of the song.

Some of the band performances in ‘Masked & Anonymous’ had a similar feel. There’s a minimalist feel to it. Like you’re watching an old broadcast.

On top of all that it’s just a great song.

Soldier dies after bar fight over Jimmy Buffett song in Colorado



This story is a must read.

I’m thinking that I know which Jimmy Buffet song it was. There’s only one Jimmy Buffet song that people know. So now we not only know that it was a Jimmy Buffet song, but we also know that it’s one of the worst songs ever. Is it really worth fighting over? It clocks in at 4:10. Sure, it may seem like 4 minutes of hell, but really? Worth fighting over? I’m thinking there was a woman involved.

Here are some songs worth fighting over. In no particular order.

She Thinks I Still Care – George Jones

Isis – Bob Dylan

You Win Again – Keith Richards version

Black Rose – Billy Joe Shaver

A Horse Called Music – Willie Nelson

I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight – Jerry Jeff Walker

Stuff That Works – Guy Clark

Anything off of ‘Love & Theft – Dylan

Again….A Jimmy Buffet song?