The Wrestler


Mickey Rourke for Best Actor. Mickey is back. Mickey is back in a big way.

The Best Actor Oscar should go to the guy who plays a role that nobody else could play. That’s exactly why Rourke should get the trophy. With all due respect to Sean Penn and his performance as Harvey Milk, this year it belongs to Mickey. Could Robert Downey Jr. have pulled off Harvey Milk? Maybe. Christian Bale? Sure. Brokeback Jake would’ve given it a shot for sure.

Who else could’ve played Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson? The answer is nobody. It wouldn’t have been the same movie with any other actor. It couldn’t have been the same movie.

I’ve intentionally stayed away from other reviews of The Wrestler. I wanted to have a clean slate as I watched it. I don’t know if Rourke has talked about the ways that The Wrestler mirrors his own life.

This is Mickey Rourke’s Raging Bull. This is his The Godfather. Mickey is The Wrestler.


One response to “The Wrestler

  1. Mickey Rourke filled his role in The Wrestler really well… maybe too well

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