An Apple A Day



News broke early this morning that Apple CEO Steve Jobs sent a memo to his employees confirming that he’s sick. It seems like there is even more speculation now that he’s confirmed what we all already knew.

While he stated that he’d “step aside if he were no longer able to perform his duties” he has already put Apple and its share holders in a tough spot. It has been said that Jobs is the company’s biggest asset as well as its biggest risk. Like the franchise player, he can make or break the whole team.

Does he deserve privacy while he fights this mystery disease? Of course. But don’t the shareholders also deserve to be told the truth about their ‘franchise player’? If he were the Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys every detail of his illness would be in the papers.

The whole case raises a lot more questions than it answers. Questions that deal with celebrity, publicity, and what kind of information a company is obligated to share with its stockholders.


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