Soldier dies after bar fight over Jimmy Buffett song in Colorado



This story is a must read.

I’m thinking that I know which Jimmy Buffet song it was. There’s only one Jimmy Buffet song that people know. So now we not only know that it was a Jimmy Buffet song, but we also know that it’s one of the worst songs ever. Is it really worth fighting over? It clocks in at 4:10. Sure, it may seem like 4 minutes of hell, but really? Worth fighting over? I’m thinking there was a woman involved.

Here are some songs worth fighting over. In no particular order.

She Thinks I Still Care – George Jones

Isis – Bob Dylan

You Win Again – Keith Richards version

Black Rose – Billy Joe Shaver

A Horse Called Music – Willie Nelson

I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight – Jerry Jeff Walker

Stuff That Works – Guy Clark

Anything off of ‘Love & Theft – Dylan

Again….A Jimmy Buffet song?


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