Seacrest vs. Jolie/Pitt

I’m sure that this’ll be the most trivial thing I’ll ever write about but I can’t resist.

The way that these two treated Ryan Seacrest here is so disrespectful. It’d be disrespectful to treat him that way if he was asking for spare change. These two take five minutes out of their ‘Save The World’ campaign to show up on a red carpet and they don’t want to be interviewed? Now, they had to have known that there was going to be cameras, right? I mean, they’re used to seeing cameras everywhere they go. And they’ve been to these award shows before, so they had to have known that there’d be dweebs on the red carpet asking dumb questions, right?

So why treat Seacrest this way? He’s harmless.

Brad has been in New Orleans helping design and build homes for those who were hit hardest by Hurricane Katrina. He can open his heart for strangers like that but he treats Seacrest like a piece of garbage.

One more thing, check out the bodyguard that comes in at the :25 mark. He’s actually protecting these two while they’re on the red carpet. Who needs security once they’re inside the secure area?

These two are lame….They need to learn how to treat people.

Check it out below.



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