Get On Your Boots


I expect a lot from U2. They’ve always set the bar pretty high for themselves. You won’t find a bigger fan of the band than me. I, like many U2 fans count down the days until a new album. I purchased their new single today off of itunes.

Another great song, a great single. The Foo Fighters wish they could release a single this good. And listen to it closely because I’m sure that this is exactly what Coldplay will sound like in two years. Things just always seem to work out that way.

The only disappointing thing about the song is that it’s a little bit predictable. This band is starting to become very, very predictable. They’re a corporation, I get it. It’s a business, I understand. But for the last few albums, I guess going back to Achtung Baby, they have a formula that they follow and you can see what’s coming.

They’re telegraphing their punches.

First comes the fast-paced single with relatively meaningless lyrics that is hip enough to grab some younger fans but also familiar enough not to disappoint the faithful. The Fly, Discotheque,  Beautiful Day, Vertigo and now Get On Your Boots.

Next will come the preliminary press where Bono says that this is the album that U2 has always wanted to make. But he’ll also explain that there were many battles fought over this one and that Larry was often pissed off.

And then at last they will embark on a world tour in which they’ll play the exact same setlist every single night for three years and wear the same costumes.

I love U2 and I’m sure I’ll love the new record. I’m just looking for them to mix it up a little bit.


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