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Bono On Frank


It was sure a treat when Bono recorded ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’ with Frank Sinatra on his ‘Duets’ album in 1993. It was the highlight of the record. There was even a music video that went along with it.  Bono then presented an aging Sinatra with the Grammy’s Lifetime achievement award in 1994. (It really took until 1994 for them to give this award to Ol’ Blue Eyes?) Bono gave an awesome speech for Frank. The sad part was when the director had the music play Frank of of the stage. Even though Frank wasn’t exactly at the top of his game, but I’d say that the Chairman of the Board deserves a little more respect than that.

Sinatra has been gone since 1998 and Bono now writes another beautiful piece for him. It’s the U2 frontman’s first OP-ED for The New York Times. If his future writings are are anything like this, I’d love to see more. 

Do yourself a favor and read it here. It’s a must.


Cry A While – Shadowbox

I could watch this performance all day long.

It really catches Bob Dylan and his band on top of their game. I believe this was the network television debut of his new moustache.  It’s right before Charlie Sexton left the band and Bob’s sound went a little edgier live.

The ‘shadowbox’ effect is another thing that is very special about this one. I have a theory that Bob controls all of the camera angles when he’s shot on television. He’s never captured like everyone else during award shows or tributes or whatever. It’s always an interesting angle or a different take on televising a performance. This shadowbox effect was not done with the folks at the Staples Center in mind that night. It was created for television. See also his cover of “A Change Is Gonna Come” where it’s basically one camera for the first half of the song.

Some of the band performances in ‘Masked & Anonymous’ had a similar feel. There’s a minimalist feel to it. Like you’re watching an old broadcast.

On top of all that it’s just a great song.